3rd Rock from the Sun
Nina: I knew you had a thing for her.

Dick: Yes, but I understand I'm not allowed to show it to her without her permission...

Truth Or Dick
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date March 12, 1996
Written by Terry & Bonnie Turner
Directed by Robert Berlinger
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'Truth Or Dick' is the tenth episode of season 1 of 3rd Rock from the Sun. It originally aired on March 12, 1996.


When she can't go to a meeting where she has to speak, Mary flatters Dick in order to get him to go the meeting for her. After Dick discovers the trick behind the flattering he doesn't understand why people lie to each other. Dick discovers the consequences of telling the truth when he repeats some of Mary's comments about how boring the academic committee are, at the meeting. Predictably, Mary is annoyed, and enlightens Dick to the concept of 'bending the truth'.

Meanwhile, Sally and Harry attempt to get a driver's license, but discover that it is more difficult that they'd expected. And Tommy is upset because he has a pimple.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast and Guest Stars

Production Notes

This episode was originally broadcast out of sequence—it is very much a "second" episode—but was restored to its proper place in syndication.

The production code for this episode is 102

This is Dee Freeman's third and final appearance, she previously appeared as a waitress in the episodes Dick's First Birthday and Dick, Smoker.

This is the ninth episode to be directed by Robert Berlinger and third to be written by Terry & Bonnie Turner