3rd Rock from the Sun
Harry: Looks like a burst appendix. Don't let the saline count fool you, I know this man is a diabetic.

Doctor: This is a uterus.

Harry: You're suspended!

Harry pretending to be a doctor

Selfish Dick
Season 1, Episode 19
Air date May 14, 1996
Written by David Sacks
Directed by Robert Berlinger
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Selfish Dick is the nineteenth and penultimate episode of season 1 of 3rd Rock from the Sun. It originally aired on May 14, 1996.


Mary is very excited when she succeeds in getting another, much bigger office that's for her alone. However Dick misses her and schemes to get her back by any means possible, even if it means exploiting an elderly professor

Dick brings Prof. Suter to see Mary's new office

Meanwhile, after Mrs. Dubcek cuts her finger, and the sight of blood leave Sally unconscious, Harry and Tommy rush them to the hospital, where the smell of sterile corridors and the gleam of surgical scrubs remind the aliens of the exciting work of their favorite TV doctors -- work that they practice on several unsuspecting patients, until they get caught and thrown out of the hospital


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Production Notes

Richard McGonagle who plays the Head Doctor will appear as this character in four more episodes (Guilty as Dick, Scaredy Dick, Y2dicK and Dick for Tat).

This is the eighteenth episode to be directed by Robert Berlinger and the first to be written by David Sacks.

The production code for this episode is 120