Don: Have I ever told you how attractive I find you?

Judith: No. And I hope you never do.

–36! 24! 36! Dick!

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 3
3rd Rock from the Sun season 3 DVD
Season 3 DVD Cover
Original channel Syndication
Original run September 24, 1997 – May 20, 1998
Episodes 27
Finale Eat, Drink, Dick, Mary (Part 1)
DVD release
Region 1 February 21, 2006
Season chronology
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Season 3 of 3rd Rock from the Sun had its season premiere on September 24, 1997 with Fun with Dick and Janet and continued until the season finale, "Eat, Drink, Dick, Mary" (Part 1) on 20 May, 1998. The season contained 27 episodes. The region 1 DVD was released on February 21, 2006.

Starting with this season, Brian Hooks was no longer a part of the main cast and Wayne Knight, Carl Anthony Payne II, Simbi Khali and Elmarie Wendel all became part of the main cast, appearing on the opening credits. As a result of this from this season the title music is slightly extended with lyrics added to this point performed by French Stewart.

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No in series No in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
47 1 "Fun with Dick and Janet (Part 1)" (Part 3) Terry Hughes Bob Kushell & Mark Brazill September 24, 1997 301
Harry, Sally and Tommy return to Earth, but are forced to bring along the Big Giant Head's niece (Roseanne Barr), who is assigned to act as Dick's wife in order to keep his focus on the mission and off Mary. To make matters worse, the police suspect that aliens might have landed in Rutherford and have sent Officer Don to investigate.
48 2 "Fun with Dick and Janet (Part 2)" (Part 4) Terry Hughes Bob Kushell & Mark Brazill September 24, 1997 302
Dick comes up with a plan to get his new wife to leave him - by turning himself into the worst possible husband anyone could have. This doesn't work, and despite all his attempts to keep his wife secret, Mary soon finds out and breaks up with him, furious.
49 3 Tricky Dick Terry Hughes Bill Martin & Mike Schiff October 8, 1997 305
Still bitter after their break-up, Dick and Mary begin a childish prank war against each other to try to prove, ironically, who is the biggest adult in the office. Sally attends yoga classes with Mary, where she begins to take a liking to her instructor (Leigh McCloskey). At home, Tommy and his friends have formed a garage band and are practicing in the garage, while Harry wants desperately to be their roadie.
50 4 Dick-in-Law Terry Hughes Christine Zander October 15, 1997 304
Mary is unable to tell her bitter, condescending parents (Elaine Stritch and George Grizzard) that another relationship has fallen through, and so invites Dick to meet her parents under the pretense that they are still to be married. Dick is quick to accompany her, thinking that if he can win her parent's hearts he might win back Mary's. Back in Rutherford, Sally, Harry and Tommy help Nina to move out of her apartment, before Sally decides that she'd like to move in.
51 5 Scaredy Dick Terry Hughes David Sacks October 29, 1997 306
Dick goes for a medical checkup but becomes scared and leaves before his appointment. Mary asks Sally and Tommy to house sit for her on Halloween, to stop trick-or-treaters (Emile Hirsch) egging her home while she is out. Harry, however, chooses to stay at home, where he encounters some very strange noises and starts to believe that there is a ghost in the house.
52 6 Moby Dick Terry Hughes Michael Glouberman & Andrew Orenstein November 5, 1997 303
When Dick discovers that he has put on a large amount of weight, Nina tells him that it is because he is sad about his breakup with Mary. Dick tries to slim by eating healthily and attending exercise classes, but nothing works and he ends up joining a weight loss group, where he runs into Mary. At home, Sally begins to grow attached to her new tomato plant and names it Jeremy, leading Don to fear the worst when he hears that Sally is spending lots of time with 'him'. Meanwhile, Tommy is worried that August is cheating on him, and sends Harry to investigate.
53 7 Eleven Angry Men and One Dick Terry Hughes David Goetsch & Jason Venokur November 12, 1997 307
Dick gets jury duty for the first time and struggles to deliver a guilty verdict for a clearly guilty man. Meanwhile, Sally, much to Officer Don's distress, falls for a cockney 'artist' called Seth, and makes herself over to look and sound just like him. Elsewhere, Harry and Tommy volunteer themselves for Mary's class project - they must communicate without words for five days.
54 8 A Friend in Dick Terry Hughes Gregg Mettler November 19, 1997 308
Dick has two theater tickets for Peter Connolly's 'King of the Jig' left over from when he and Mary were dating, but upon realizing that he doesn't have any friends to accompany him, he forges a friendship with Don and becomes jealous when Don wants to spend time with his other friends. Meanwhile, Sally's 'artist' boyfriend Seth voices his dislike of Connolly and Sally decides to lure him to Johnny Foam's, while Tommy forces Harry to go to night school and earn a diploma, so that he can have the things his friends do.
55 9 Tom, Dick, and Mary Terry Hughes Bonnie Turner & Terry Turner December 3, 1997 309
Tommy decides that he needs to find a woman who is closer to his real age, and pursues Mary, kicking up a fierce rivalry between himself and Dick. Elsewhere, Sally finally gets a proper job, but her boss begins to sexually harass her, while Harry is under orders not to watch any TV for a week, since Dick thinks he is watching too much of it.
56 10 Seven Deadly Clips Terry Hughes Michael Glouberman & Andrew Orenstein December 10, 1997 327
Clip show in which the Solomons review how some of their past experiences on Earth have involved the Seven Deadly Sins.
57 11 Jailhouse Dick Terry Hughes David M. Israel & Jim O'Doherty December 17, 1997 310
Dick takes care of a felon called Eddie because he feels he can make an honest man out of him, however things just end up going wrong. Dr. Albright is fed up with her dog Pepper and enlists Sally's help in finding a new home for him. Back at home, Harry struggles to complete a book report on Little Women for night school.
58 12 Dick on a Roll Terry Hughes David Goetsch & Jason Venokur January 7, 1998 311
After falling down the stairs while wheeling around in a wheelchair, Dick ends up in one, and leads a campaign to have a second ramp added to his building at Pendleton. Harry is delighted when Vicki Dubcek returns, but less than happy when she announces her newly established celibacy. Tommy, however, is annoyed because he isn't old enough to get into a nightclub that Sally and the others are frequenting.
59 13 The Great Dickdater Terry Hughes David Sacks January 21, 1998 312
Dick finally announces that he is ready to start dating again but finds that the women of Rutherford don't want him. Meanwhile, Tommy and Harry find somebody's wallet and return it to him, but after Mrs. Dubcek asks them how much in reward they were given, they stalk the owner until he coughs up.
60 14 36! 24! 36! Dick (Part 1) Terry Hughes Bill Martin & Mike Schiff & Christine Zander January 25, 1998 313
When Rutherford becomes swamped with beautiful women (Cindy Crawford, Angie Everhart, Irina Pantaeva and Beverly Johnson) who can't wait to date average joe's like Dick, Harry, Tommy and Officer Don, Sally begins to suspect that something's amiss and takes it upon herself to investigate. Meanwhile, one of Mary's old students has sent her tickets to Super Bowl XXXII in San Diego and she and Nina attend.
61 15 36! 24! 36! Dick (Part 2) Terry Hughes Bill Martin & Mike Schiff & Christine Zander January 25, 1998 314
In order to successfully infiltrate the ranks of the Venusians, Sally has offered herself up as a soldier and been taken to San Diego. Dick, Harry and Tommy eventually catch on and follow the women down there to try to rescue her and save the world from their master plan - to steal Earth's supply of 'good stuff'. Back in Rutherford, Don, Rico, Mrs. Dubcek and Judith settle down to watch the Super Bowl on TV.
62 16 Pickles and Ice Cream Terry Hughes Bob Kushell January 28, 1998 315
Harry runs into trouble when his dog-like pet 'Pickles' (Bill Irwin) from the Solomon's home planet somehow makes it to Rutherford - in human form. Meanwhile, Sally pretends to be pregnant to get in with a group of expecting women, but Officer Don finds out and panics.
63 17 Auto Eurodicka Terry Hughes Mark Brazill February 4, 1998 316
Dick meets a woman in line at the cinema and ends up having casual sex with her in his car, however he soon runs into trouble when he brags about it and discovers that it was the mother of one of his students, Bug. Sally is shopping for her own car and becomes enthralled by a Dodge Viper; however, she cannot afford it and becomes increasingly exasperated with the salesman, who, she believes, is intent on spoiling her happiness.
64 18 Portrait of Tommy as an Old Man Terry Hughes Bob Kushell & Gregg Mettler February 25, 1998 317
Tommy is tired of being treated like a kid and decides to retire so that he can act the age he truly is (being the oldest of the group in alien form). At work, Mary reveals to Dick that she'd always dreamed of being a torch singer, so he decides to try to help her realize this. Meanwhile, Don unwittingly ends up stealing one of Sally's panties, and makes a series of attempts to return it without being caught.
65 19 Stuck with Dick Terry Hughes Jim O'Doherty & David M. Israel March 18, 1998 318
Dick decides to try to win back Mary's heart with a romantic champagne evening, and thinks it a lucky opportunity when the pair of them end up locked in the university library all weekend. Sally, Harry and Tommy, meanwhile, are determined to stop the pair getting back together and head to Mary's house to intervene, where they get distracted and end up running up her Pay-TV bill and hosting a Tupperware party that she'd planned.
66 20 My Daddy's Little Girl Terry Hughes Christine Zander & Mark Brazill April 1, 1998 319
Mary's father arrives in town, announcing that he and his wife are separated, but unfortunately for Mary, he soon begins dating Sally. Meanwhile, Harry and Tommy stumble upon Pendleton's old radio station, where Harry takes the controls and begins a new-found career as a shock jock.
67 21 The Physics of Being Dick Terry Hughes David Schiff April 15, 1998 323
Dick demands that Sally and Harry get jobs, so Harry gets work in a bar (Happy Doug's) and Sally as Mary's research assistant. However, upon finding out that Sally has chosen Mary's subject (anthropology), he worries that physics is too boring and strives to spice it up for Tommy's career day. After this goes badly wrong he decides that he wants to be a cop, like Don.
68 22 "Just Your Average Dick" (Part 1) Terry Hughes Michael Glouberman & Andrew Orenstein April 28, 1998 320
After Mary and August tell the Solomons that they can be a little weird sometimes, they strive to become a completely average family, going as far as to move to a new, average, apartment, make themselves over with new, average clothes and behave in the most average way they can. Unfortunately for Dick, Mary is soon turned off, missing his old weirdness.
69 23 "Dick and the Other Guy" (Part 2) Terry Hughes Bonnie Turner & Terry Turner April 28, 1998 321
An eccentric new professor (John Cleese) has arrived at Pendleton University and Dick is quick to befriend him; he soon becomes annoyed when Dr. Neesam appears to be able to do everything better than he can, and becomes a rival for Mary's affections. Sally becomes concerned that Officer Don has lost interest in her after hearing a woman tell him he was "great last night", so Mrs. Dubcek convinces her to disguise herself and follow him around.
70 24 Sally and Don's First Kiss Terry Hughes David Sacks May 6, 1998 322
Don is concerned because he and Sally have never kissed, so Sally turns to romance novels for inspiration, unwittingly building herself up to the moment so much that, when it finally happens, it doesn't satisfy her expectations. At work, Dick is worried because he is the only person in the university who gets charged for crackers in the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Harry finally finishes night school and reminisces about his time there with his friends Larry and Mrs. Deguzman.
71 25 When Aliens Camp Terry Hughes David M. Israel & Jim O'Doherty May 13, 1998 324
Dick becomes concerned that the Solomons are spending little time together and orders the family on a camping holiday, forbidding them to bring anyone else. Unfortunately, and much to the other Solomons' annoyance, he invites Mary to join them and, as a result, everybody becomes angry with him. Outcast, he ventures into the woods and ends up becoming leader of a group of young Beaver Scouts, while the other Solomons and Mary attempt to find him.
72 26 The Tooth Harry Terry Hughes Joshua Sternin & Jeffrey Ventimilia May 20, 1998 325
Harry drives Nina to the dentist and behaves so sweetly toward her that he ends up stirring her emotions and sparking a romance. At work, Mary has been awarded a place in a promotional video for Pendleton and a jealous Dick takes desperate measures to ensure that he also is granted a place in it. Unfortunately, neither Dick or Mary share the director's vision and end up ruining the video. Meanwhile, Officer Don gives Sally a key to his apartment, hoping that the pair can spend more quality time together; however, he regrets it when she begins to treat the place a little too much as if it is her own.
73 27 "Eat, Drink, Dick, Mary" (Part 1) Terry Hughes David Goetsch & Jason Venokur May 20, 1998 326
Dick prepares to celebrate his second year anniversary of his first real date with Mary, and Vicki Dubcek returns to rekindle her romance with Harry. Sally, however, wants to lose her virginity to Don, but has trouble when Dick, angry that Mary didn't know what the celebration was about, locks himself in his bedroom, as her bedroom is on the other side of his. There are more sinister things afoot, however, when Randy (Phil Hartman), a disgruntled ex-lover of Vicki's turns up and kidnaps Harry.
  • 8 days after this episode aired, Phil Hartman was shot and killed by his wife. For this reason, he is only mentioned in passing during the next episode.
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