Professor Suter

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Professor Suter
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Professor Suter talking to Dick







First Appearance

Selfish Dick

Final Appearance

Sensitive Dick

Portrayed By

Harry Morgan

Professor Suter is an elderly professor at Pendleton State University. Not much is known about Professor Suter. He had a small office and was very close to getting the office with the bay-window before being beaten by Mary Albright.

After he lost the competition for the office Dick tried to help Suter out, and himself at the same time, by talking to the Deans and Board of Directors of the college. The Board, however, found out that he was being paid for doing nothing and forced him into retirement.

It turns out that he was using the time at the university to write a screen play based on 'Die Hard' but set in an office buliding. Dick points out to him that 'Die Hard' was already set in an office building, to which Suter replies 'Up yours!'

Professor Suter appears in three episodes (Selfish Dick, Much Ado About Dick and Sensitive Dick). He is played by Harry Morgan.

Professor Suter: I'm working on my screenplay. It's like "Die Hard," but it's set in an office building.

Dick: "Die Hard" was in an office building.

Professor Suter: Up yours.

Suter after Dick got him fired.

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