3rd Rock from the Sun
Mary Loves Scoochie
Season 6, Episode 17 & 18
Air date May 8, 2001 (part 1)

May 15, 2001 (part 2)

Written by Dave Boerger & Gregory Thompson (part 1)

Will Forte & Aron Abrams (part 2)

Directed by Terry Hughes
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The Thing That Wouldn't Die


Dick discovers that Mary has been receiving elaborate love letters from a mystery man named 'Scoochie' and confronts her about it. She reveals that she has been receiving them for years but has no idea who Scoochie actually is, so Dick pretends that it has been him all along. This goes wrong, however, when the real Scoochie arranges to meet Mary at the Medieval Festival Which There Is Where Scoochie is revealed to be Liam Neesam, who had visited Pendelton three years ago, Dick is panicked and thought Liam was trying to take Mary away from Dick, Then, Dick follows Liam and Mary to dinner, where he overhears Liam offering her a job with a six-figure salary. The other Solomons suggest that Dick reveal himself as another alien in order to gain Liam's respect. When he does, however, Liam reveals that he didn't Come to Earth to steal Mary, but that he was using her to transform the Earth's entire population into monkeys, and rename it "Planet Monkey World", so that it may be an exhibit for aliens. because of that, Liam threatened to Tell Mary that Dick is an alien if Dick told her Liam's plan, Dick tried telling Mary that Liam Is trouble but she ignored him, Dick thought he lost, but then, he explained to Liam the meaning of Earth, the kids' happy faces, love, & everything that made Liam brighten up & he became happy, but then, Liam was in Dick's office which then, he says that he's going to continue on the planet monkey world which he broke his promise, & that's when Dick defeated Liam by turning him into a monkey, & accidently in front of Mary.

After another alien unit operating in Ohio wins an award over the Solomons at the Alien Award Show, Sally and Harry make it their mission to track them down, and eventually move in with an Amish family, who they believe to be the other unit, since they are so different.

Sally, Harry and Tommy discover that their favorite movie, Arthur 2: On the Rocks' has a 'prequel'