3rd Rock from the Sun
I used to be a cheerleader but they threw me off the team because I forgot to wear underwear... occasionally.

–Mrs. Mamie Dubcek

Mrs. Mamie Dubcek
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Mrs. Mamie Dubcek








Vicki Dubcek (Daughter)
Unnamed Son
Eric Travis Dubcek (Grandson)
Unnamed grandson
Big Giant Head (Son In Law)
Melanie (Granddaughter)

First Appearance

Brains and Eggs

Final Appearance

The Thing That Wouldn't Die (Part 2)

Portrayed By

Elmarie Wendel

Mrs. Mamie Dubcek, usually referred to only as Mrs. Dubcek or Dubcek, is the landlady of the Solomon family. She rents her old-fashioned attic apartment to the Solomons. She lives below them in her house in Rutherford, Ohio.

Personality and relationships with the Solomons

Mrs. Dubcek lives below the Solomon family and is portrayed as a loose and carefree woman who is prone to having many sexual partners. For this reason, she often acts as a bizarre and unlikely guide for the Solomons in handling problems in their love lives; for example, in the episode Dick and the Other Guy, Sally believes that Don is cheating on her and Mrs. Dubcek advises her to disguise herself and follow him around. Alternatively, in the episode Same Old Song and Dick she attempts to help Dick and Mary put the spice back into their relationship by introducing new ways of lovemaking.


Mrs. Dubcek has a daughter, Vicki, who is introduced in the Thanksgiving episode, Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick. During this episode, Vicki is established as a love interest for Harry, and as the series progresses, the pair consider having a baby together, before the Big Giant Head intervenes and impregnates Vicki himself. Harry Solomon once referred to Mrs. Dubcek and her daughter Vicki as nymphomaniacs.

Mrs. Dubcek also has an unnamed son, as mentioned in the Season 2 episode, My Mother the Alien who has an unnamed son himself. She apparently has an illegitimate granddaughter named Melanie, possibly from her aforementioned unnamed son, in the Season 2 episode, Will Work for Dick.

Also, although Mrs. Dubcek is unmarried throughout the course of the series, she often makes reference to having had a number of husbands in the past.

In the episode Dick Like Me she describes her ethnicity as "a little Czech, a little Romanian; I'm your basic Slavic mutt."

Behind the Scenes

Mamie Dubcek is played by Elmarie Wendel


In the sixth episode of season one, Mrs. Dubcek is allergic to dogs but in the eleventh episode of season six she says that she is not allergic, but nervous because of their digging.