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Big Angry Virgin From Outer SpaceBig Giant HeadBob Kushell
Body & Soul & DickBonnie and Terry TurnerBrains and Eggs
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Charitable DickChristine ZanderCitizen Solomon
Coach StricklandCollect Call for DickD3: Judgement Day
Damn!Dial M for DickDick'll Take Manhattan
Dick's ArkDick's Big Giant HeadacheDick's Classroom
Dick's First BirthdayDick, SmokerDick, Who's Coming to Dinner
Dick-in-LawDick Behaving BadlyDick Digs
Dick Is From Mars, Sally Is From VenusDick JokesDick Like Me
Dick Puts the ID in CupidDick SolomonDick Solomon's Day Off
Dick Solomon of the Indiana SolomonsDick Soup for the SoulDick Strikes Out
Dick The VoteDick and Frankie Go to RutherfordDick and Harry Fall in the Hole
Dick and TaxesDick and TuckDick and the Other Guy
Dick and the Single GirlDick for TatDick on One Knee
Dick on a RollDick the Mouth SolomonDick vs. Strudwick
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Feelin' AlbrightFifteen Minutes Of DickFourth And Dick
French StewartFrozen DickFun with Dick and Janet
Glengarry Glen DickGobble, Gobble, Dick, DickGreen Eyed Dick
Guilty As DickGwen, Larry, Dick & MaryHappy New Dick
Harry SolomonHotel DickHuman
I'm an alienI Am Dick Pentameter!I Brake for Dick
I Enjoy Being A DickI haveIan Lithgow
InDickscretionIncoming Message from the Big Giant HeadIndecent Dick
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My Daddy's Little GirlMy Mother, My DickMy Mother the Alien
Near Dick ExperienceNina CampbellOffice with the Bay-Window
Oh My God, I'm Gorgeous!Oh shut up, CarynParanoid Dick
Pendelton State UniversityPickles and Ice CreamPortrait of Tommy as an Old Man
Post-Nasal DickPower Mad DickPrepare to be dazzled
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The Big Giant Head Returns AgainThe Big Head ReturnsThe Dicks They Are A Changin'
The Fifth SolomonThe Great DickdaterThe House That Dick Built
The Little Dick Went to MarketThe Loud Solo Family: A DickumentaryThe Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary
The Physics of Being DickThe SolomonsThe Thing That Wouldn't Die
The Tooth HarryThere's No Business Like Dick BusinessTiffany
Tom, Dick, and MaryTommy SolomonTricky Dick
Truth Or DickTwo-Faced DickUnknown planet on the Cepheus-Draco border
VenusianVicki DubcekVincent Strudwick
Wayne KnightWhat's Love Got to Do, Got to Do With Dick?When Aliens Camp
Why Dickie Can't TeachWill Work for DickWorld's Greatest Dick
Y2dicKYou Don't Know DickYouth Is Wasted on the Dick
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