3rd Rock from the Sun
Nina Campbell: Will there be snakes up there?

Judith Draper: If you're asking if my lawyer's coming, the answer is no. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Nina Campbell and Judith Draper talking about their upcoming camping trip

Dr. Judith Draper
Judith Draper.gif
Judith Draper






Professor Of Womens' Studies


Roger Draper (Brother)

First Appearance

I Enjoy Being a Dick

Final Appearance

The Thing That Wouldn't Die (Part 2)

Portrayed By

Ileen Getz

Judith Draper is the professor of Women's Studies at Pendelton State University. She is also the head of the Disciplinary Committee for the university.


Judith is known to be very motivated. At one point, she was afraid there was a hidden camera in the ladies room at the university, and even went as far as to dismantle the ceiling tiles to search for it. She also claimed to have a boyfriend named Trent, but Mary believed she made this up.

Emotional State

Judith showed emotions but in a very monotone way. She often displayed anger and joy but without any emotional reaction and often in a completely monotone voice.


At first and throughout the series, Judith has shown as a total masculine female sometimes with lesbian tendencies but it is never disclosed what orientation she is. She’s hinted at having boyfriends or dating men.