3rd Rock from the Sun
Janet Solomon
Janet Solomon.jpg
Janet Solomon


Female (in human form)






Dick Solomon (Husband)
Sally Solomon (sister in-law)
Harry Solomon (brother in-law)
Tommy Solomon (son)
Big Giant Head (Uncle)

First Appearance

Brains and Eggs

Final Appearance

The Thing That Wouldn't Die (Part 2)

Portrayed By

Roseanne Barr

Janet Solomon (or Zippy by Harry) posed as the wife of Dick Solomon for an extremely short while. When Tommy, Harry, and Sally, went for an extremely short visit to their home planet, they gave a report to the Big Giant Head. The Big Giant Head decided he did not want Dick getting married to Mary so he sent his neice Janet to pose as Dick's wife.

At first it seemed as though Janet loved Dick, she tried to be the best wife possible, completely taking over the house chores from Sally. After Dick told her that she didn't need to love him she admitted to despising him. They ended on amicable and decided that this will just have to be their 'Big Giant Secret!'.

Janet left the Solomon household and made for Las Vegas.

Janet Solomon is portrayed by Roseanne Barr.