Harry Solomon: Dick, I can't see through my eyelids.

Sally Solomon: Open them.

Harry Solomon: Oh, they're manual.

– Harry and Sally Solomon

Harry S. Solomon
Harry S. Solomon
Harry Solomon


Male (in human form)




Communications Officer
Many Short-lived Jobs


Dick Solomon (Brother)
Sally Solomon (Sister)
Tommy Solomon (Nephew)

First Appearance

Brains and Eggs

Final Appearance

The Thing That Wouldn't Die (Part 2)

Portrayed By

French Stewart

Harry S. Solomon is the brother of Dick Solomon and Sally Solomon, and the uncle of Tommy Solomon. In a 1998 interview French Stewart said of the character, "The way the character was originally described to me was he would be an idiot on any planet. So he's got to be the biggest idiot in the universe!"

Arrival and life on Earth

On first arrival to earth, Harry, unlike the rest of the crew, didn't have a definable purpose to the mission. In the opening credits of Season 1, the Narrator (voiced by James Earl Jones) lists out each members role, when it comes to Harry he says "Well... They had an extra seat!"

Soon after arrival the family tell Harry that he has a transmitter inside his head which is used to communicate with the "home planet". After this revelation Harry assumes the title of Communications Officer. The others agree on this so Harry doesn't feel left out.

When Harry receives a message, which is usually come from either The Big Giant Head or his office and with out prior warning, he is completely taken over. The first signs are always physical - he immediately shudders violently, garbles incoherently, then adopts a stance with bent knees and upraised arms, palms forward. Messages always begin "Incoming message from the Big Giant Head!" or "Transmission incoming from the Big Giant Head!". The voice used for the messages are in a more robotic voice than Harry normally uses. The messages end with Harry saying "Resume normal functions in three ... two ... one ...", or later "transmission ending in three ... two ... one ..." after which Harry will normally sneeze or belch and, as he is unaware of what has happened, will comment "So... What'd I miss?!"

Harry is also considered very handsome and at one point he even loses his signature squint in order to look more refined. During his time on earth Harry got a job as a bartender, and graduated from night school, and even learned how to panhandle. At one point he attempted to have a baby with Vicki but the Big Giant Head did so first.


Despite all of Harry's weirdness and quirkiness, he has had many dates and seems to be a very adpet lover. Harry's date have included a well-toned policewoman, a woman at the laundromat, and even Mary Albright's office assistant Nina Campbell. In the episode 'The Thing That Wouldn't Die' Harry made a date with a clerk named 'Sam'. he later see her again in a restaurant as a waitress using her real name 'Samantha', he makes another date with her. Unaware that it is the same person, Harry believes he has dated twins. Also in the Series Finale, it is reveled he has had an on-going affair with Mrs. Dubcek.

Vicki Dubcek

Harry And Vicki

Of all of Harry's relationships, his most successful was with Mrs. Dubcek's daughter, Vicki. The two often have conversations as if they were in a porno, similar to how Sally and Don often have conversations like an old crime drama. Their relationship was often interrupted; examples include Vicki's commitment to physical and spiritual purity to the point that she becomes celibate; and her pregnancy with the Big Giant Head's child.

Alternative Universe

In the two-part episode "Dick'll Take Manhattan" Harry is a big shot NBC network Executive in contrast to his most known role as a total idiot. As a network Executive he splits the show "Will and Grace" into two separate shows claiming that Will will have one night and Grace the other. When Dick and Sally decide to return to their universe Harry is resistant at first but soon is told that he has been replaced as network Executive by Mrs. Dubcek then is willing to go home.

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