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The Transmissions forum is a place for works to be critiqued or have ideas proposed for new articles. Basically this forum is for nearly anything related to the articles themselves. You can ask for writing tips, article ideas, advice, or anything else that helps improve the articles on 3rd Rock from the Sun.

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Unnamed alien species03:50, 1 November 201267.208.56.91
Spaceship04:33, 25 October 201266.97.118.162
The Narrator04:13, 25 October 201266.97.118.162
Human disguise02:35, 24 October 201266.97.118.162
Pickles02:38, 18 October 201267.208.61.143
Time-space portal02:10, 18 October 201267.208.61.143
Jell-O01:39, 18 October 201267.208.61.143
Luxor hotel01:29, 18 October 201267.208.61.143
Easter Island01:17, 18 October 201267.208.61.143
Test702:54, 19 October 2010