3rd Rock from the Sun
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During the opening sequences in the first season, James Earl Jones narrated the premise of the show:

"As many intelligent people know, aliens are all around us. This is the story of four such explorers. To blend in, they've assumed human form. This is the High Commander [Dick]. He has assembled an elite team of experts; a decorated military officer [Sally], a seasoned intelligence specialist [Tommy], and, well, they had an extra seat [Harry].

...And, for the first 8 episodes, followed by a random comment on human society and behavior:

  • "Post-Nasal Dick" & "Dick's First Birthday" - "The Earth revolves around the sun, but ask most humans and they'd say it revolves around them."
  • "Dick Is from Mars, Sally Is from Venus" - "The people of Earth sometimes divide against each other by national origin or skin color. Of course no one else in the galaxy can tell them apart."
  • "Dick, Smoker" - "Earth is actually two-thirds water. About the equivelent of scotch at a cheap wedding."
  • "Green-Eyed Dick" - "They say Earth started with two humans. Now there are five billion. Someone needs to turn a hose on them."
  • "Lonely Dick" - "The Earth is populated by millions of beautiful women. And those who aren't beautiful have great personalities."
  • "Body & Soul & Dick" - "The Earth is covered with a deep, hard crust, although it does have a wonderful, chewy center."
  • "Ad-Dick-ted" - "Earth is a place where backing down causes ego problems. Backing up causes severe tire damage." 04:11, October 25, 2012 (UTC)