3rd Rock from the Sun
Dick and The Single Girl
Season 2, Episode 23
Written by Mark Brazill

Christine Zander

Directed by Terry Hughes
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Fifteen Minutes Of Dick
A Nightmare on Dick Street


Mary introduces Dick to a shy, bookish professor named Sonja who is leaving the faculty, Mary has dinner with Dick & Sonja at her house, and Dick drove her home but makes a big mistake spending the night at her house, Mary freaks out thinking that Sonja is taking Dick from her, She talks to Sonja and said she would never steal a man from another woman, but she lied, Sonja sees Dick in the office and has sex with him, then, Mary comes to the office with Dick and finds out that Sonja lied to her, and Dick saw Sonja at night convincing that he's in love with Mary but Sonja ignored him and tried to make Dick sleep with her, Mary & Sonja get into a fight, which Mary wins Dick Back.

Sally begins to realize that she is only attracted to Officer Don because of his police uniform.

Harry and Tommy attempt to pen their own, perfect, episode of The X-Files.