3rd Rock from the Sun
Dick & The Other Guy (Part 2)
Season 3, Episode 23
Directed by Terry Hughes
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Just Your Average Dick (Part 1)
Sally and Don's First Kiss


An eccentric new professor has arrived at Pendleton University and Dick is quick to befriend him; he soon becomes annoyed when Dr. Neesam appears to be able to do everything better than he can, Liam Cheated In Golf by Blowing an Air Horn when Dick Was About To Hit A Golf Ball, Then, At Mary's House, Dick Passes Out When Liam Cut Open A Dead Bug's Stomach, And Passed Out Again, When Liam Hit Him With A Pan & He Ends Up Having Sex With Mary on the Kitchen Counter, Dick Finds Out & Tells Mary About Liam Being Better At Things Than Him, But Then, Mary Tells Him That Liam Is Exactly Like Dick, Which He Finds Out That Liam Is A Criminal Alien Who Came To Destroy Earth, Which Then With His Brain Melting Tool, Dick Tricks Liam That He Doesn't Have A Brain.

Sally finds out that Officer Don has lost interest in her after hearing a woman tell him he was "great last night", so Mrs. Dubcek convinces her to disguise herself and follow him around, Which Sally Went To Investigate & Finds Out It Was Other Women Who Were Into Him, Then Sees That Don Wasn't Cheating On Her, He Was Singing For The Women Which He Was Nicknamed 'Donny Orvillini'.