3rd Rock from the Sun
Dick: Well one of us has to experience sex and I am getting no where with her! (Dick points to Mary)

Sally: Well, Why didn't you say so? I mean if sex is so important, you and I can do it right here on the desk and get it out of the way!

Dick is from Mars, Sally is from Venus
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 30 January, 1996
Written by Bill Martin & Mike Schiff
Directed by Robert Berlinger
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"Dick is from Mars, Sally is from Venus" is the fourth episode of Season one of 3rd Rock from the Sun. The episode originally aired on 30 January, 1996.


When Sally has the chance to go on a date with a cute guy called Brad, Dick orders her to go, since none of them had sex yet and Dick isn't getting anywhere with Mary. Sally has a good time and che comes back a very happy woman, she doesn't, however, have sex with Brad, but he promises to call her. When he doesn't call Sally becomes upset, so Dick asks Mary and Nina to take her out and drown her sorrows. Sally then proceeds to go to Brad's flat, breaks down his door and says 'Hello Brad, I've come to

Sally waits for Brads call

check your phone!'

Meanwhile, Tommy starts high school, and Dick tries to bond with him in a fatherly way. Tommy has trouble fitting in at school and the teachers, thinking he has an attitude problem, calls Dick in for a meeting.


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Production Notes

This episode seems to be out of place as in the beginning Dick tells Tommy that he will be starting high school. Yet in an earlier episode they all got sick after Tommy got the flu from making out with a girl from his school.

The Production code for this episode is 103

This is a pun on the title of the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

This is the third episode to be directed by Robert Berlinger and is the first episode to be written by Bill Martin & Mike Schiff.

Sally: Is there some place where people can have sex with various partners?

Mary: Yes, it's called the 70s.

Sally: Well, how late is it open?