3rd Rock from the Sun
Dick: Harry, why don't you come out and look at the stars with us?

Harry: Oh no, you're not putting me out for the night again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me six times, shame on me.

Dick's First Birthday
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 23 January, 1996
Written by Andy Cowen
Directed by Robert Berlinger
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"Dick is from Mars, Sally is from Venus"

"Dick's First Birthday" is episode number 3 of Season 1 of 3rd Rock from the Sun. It aired originally on 23 January, 1996.


Dick and the rest of the crew discover that humans have ages and birthdays and that people should 'act their age'. Dick orders the crew to also get birthdays. This poses no problem for Tommy, Harry or Sally as they are happy with their ages and also the body that comes with it, however, Dick, being middle-aged, doesn't like it one bit.

Dick dyes his hair black

Things are made worse for Dick when Mary gives him a birthday card that reads 'You look a million dollars... old and wrinkled!'. Dick becomes offended struggles to come to terms with his being 'over the hill', and so strives to become young again, by dying his hair black and wearing ridiculously tight leather trousers.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast And Guest Stars

Production Notes

This is the first time Dick uses the line 'Oh my God, I'm Gorgeous'

Michael Milhoan makes his first of three appearances as Coach Strickland

This is the second episode directed byRobert Berlinger and the first to be written by Andy Cowen.

This episode's production code is 106

Dick: Dr. Albright, have I been a perfect ass?

Mary: Oh, nobody's perfect!