3rd Rock from the Sun
Dennis Rodman
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Dennis Rodman


Male (in human form)




Basketball Player

Dennis Rodman is an alien living incognito on the planet Earth, where he's a professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls. He's a friend of the Solomon family and seems to come from the same planet in the Cepheus-Draco border that they do.


The Solomon Family bumped into Dennis at the grocery store.


  • Rodman is, of course, a real life basketball player who portrayed himself as an alien in the 3rd Rock from the Sun episodes "See Dick Continue to Run, Part I" and "Part II". Coincidentally, he is also mentioned as being an alien at the end of the unrelated film Men In Black, which came out the following year.
  • Shortly after joining the organization, Agent L of the Men In Black informed her partner, Agent J, that the high consulate from Solaxiant IX was requesting floor seats for the Knicks-Bulls game. J suggested they call Rodman, as he's from that planet, to which L commented that Rodman's appearance is "not much of a disguise".