3rd Rock from the Sun
Mrs. Dubcek: You go down to the station and ask for Officer Franco. Italian gentleman, very nice. He came right over when my boyfriend got beat up in my living room.

Dick: Your boyfriend got beat up in your own house?

Mrs. Dubcek: Yeah, well, my husband didn't care for him.

Mrs. Dubcek on reporting crime

Assault With a Deadly Dick
Season 1, Episode 17
Air date April 30, 1996
Written by Michael Glouberman & Andrew Orenstein
Directed by Robert Berlinger
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Assault With a Deadly Dick is the seventeenth episode of season 1 of 3rd Rock from the Sun. It originally aired on April 30, 1996.


After visiting the mall, the Solomons' car radio is stolen. Sally begins to worry that she is failing in her job as Security Officer for the unit. Reporting the crime to the police doesn't get the radio back, but Sally does find some common ground with a police officer. Dick enjoys his new ATM card until he's mugged at the ATM machine and Sally starts to implement security measures.

Dick orders Tommy to join the Basketball team, but he just isn't cut out for it.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast and Guest Stars

Production Notes

This is the first appearance of Wayne Knight as Officer Don

The production code for this episode is 114

This is the sixteenth episode directed by Robert Berlinger and the third written by Michael Glouberman & Andrew Orenstein.