3rd Rock from the Sun
Mrs. Dubcek: Of course, I shouldn't talk.

Dick: Well, it's true. Your voice is not one of your best assets.

Angry Dick
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date April 2, 1996
Written by Linwood Boomer
Directed by Robert Berlinger
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'Angry Dick' is the thirteenth episode of season 1 of 3rd Rock from the Sun. It originally aired on April 2, 1996.


Dick befriends his next door neighbor, Frank Muller, while Sally befriends his wife, Patty. Dick feels it's time for the Solomons to actually meet them, because he thinks they'll learn much more about humans that way instead of just observing them. This will also allow for bad cook Sally to get some cooking lessons from Patty.

Dick angers Frank by 'dropping by' at 4am.

An argument comes up with Dick's Rambler being on Franks property, however the Solomons cross the line when they visit their 'new friends' at 4am.

The next day Dick visits Frank to apologize and offer him a gift, but he becomes angry at trying to be bought, and the pair end up fighting. They eventually make up.

Meanwhile, Harry becomes addicted to television.


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Production Notes

In Latin America, the title was translated into "Amigos", which means "Friends".

Jane Curtin and Simbi Khali do not appear in this episode, however, Jane Curtin's name does remain on the opening credits. This is the second episode Jane is absent from, the first being Dick, Smoker.

Frank and Patty's kitchen surprisingly resembles the kitchen of Roseanne's From the TV show Roseanne, in which Joseph Gordon Levitt played DJ's weird friend, George.

The production code for this episode is 104.

This is the twelfth episode to be directed by Robert Berlinger and the second to be written by Linwood Boomer.

The Muller's kitchen is similar to the kitchen from Roseanne.