A Nightmare on Dick Street
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When Mary announces that she is going to Borneo for a year, Dick is desperate to keep her from leaving, so Nina hints that he should propose to her. Dick and Sally experience nightmares for the first time and become convinced that they are losing their minds, so they start taking pills, which make the situation worse by spacing Dick and Sally out so that they don't have a clue what is going on. As a result, when Mary confronts Dick, voicing her worry about leaving him, he appears not to care and she decides to go to Borneo. Harry and Tommy decide to contact the home planet and request that the unit be brought home for emergency maintenance, possibly to never return.

Later Harry and Tommy inform Dick that they leave Earth that night, but he refuses to leave Mary. Back at home, Harry and Tommy experience their first dreams as well, and believe that they too are losing their minds. When the time to leave arrives, the aliens find Dick, but he tells them that he's staying on Earth with Mary, and, reluctantly, they leave without him. Upon talking to Mary, however, Dick realizes that the dreams that they have been having are entirely normal and rushes to find his family before it is too late.

Season 2, Episode 26, a 1 hour special at the end of the season.

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