3rd Rock from the Sun

The theme tune to 3rd Rock from the Sun was composed by Ben Vaughn (who also composed the theme tune for That 70's Show). It is around 35 seconds long. It has a distinct 1950's flair.

During Season 5 the tune was altered slightly and had more of a 'Big Band' feel. It was changed back to the original in Season 6. In several episodes the theme has been slightly altered (see below for video)



Third Rock from the Sun Opening Theme - Only Theme - 3rd Rock-0

3rd Rock from the Sun Theme

Christmas Opening


3rd Rock Christmas-0

A Christmas variation on the Theme Song.

Dick'll Take Manhattan


3rd Rock Jazzy

Theme used in Dick'll Take Manhattan

Season 5


3rd Rock Big Band

Season 5 Theme

Opening Sequence

The opening title sequence, which was produced by the London graphic design firm SVC Television, opens with computerized shots of planets and celestial bodies, some either with the planets dancing or moving in warp speed. It opens and closes with a shot of Earth (which at the open is where the show's title logo appears, after a sunburst appears on the side of Earth).

For the episode "Dick'll Take Manhattan" only, the typeface of the cast and creators' names was altered.